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Download 4: Orgasmo!

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"Holy shit, this is the first time I really got into it with an online model. She's so real it's like this video was really sent to me by a girlfriend!" Mike, Long Island.

What is it? Lola going off on her pussy like crazy with the massager and the same time as fucking her pussy deep with a big pink vibe.

This video is so hot because Lola really connects with you and is so overwhelmed by the orgasm at the end that all she can do is give us a big thumbs up.

You too will be giving this a big thumbs up!

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Download 3: Dildo Rider

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"The best thing about Lola is you can really imagine fucking her in real life. She begs for cock and she begs for you to jack off to her." Wayne, Sheepsville, UK.

What is it? Lola is the perfect fuck. One she loves cock. Two her tight teen body can move into any position. She shows off her amazing fucking skills by riding a rubber cock in the bath, going down on it, and doing some hot cowgirl moves. Then she gets more comfortable and delivers a shuddering orgasm with awesome pussy pounding.

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Download 2: Oiled Up and Fucked!

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"Wow, just wow! Lots of models try to do baby oil scenes but this is like the Michaelangelo of oiled up wanks. Lola is oiled up to perfection and squirming around until she cums like a train." Tim, Aisle 3 Wal-Mart.

What is it? Oil that biatch up!

Lola oils up and gives herself and awesome self fucking. Greased up to the point where she is about to slide right off the bed Lola is horny as hell in this video. She fingers herself almost to orgasm but then decides to finish off the job with a huge 10 inch vibe.

Lola brings the oil. I suggest you bring the lotion.

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Download 1: Ride Till You Cum!

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"This is the perfect lesson on how to ride your man till he cums. Should be required watching for all hot chicks. Thanks Lola!"
Shawn, Michigan.

What is it? Lola sticks a black cock down on the table and lubes it up and fucks it like a trooper. She tells you exactly how's she wants to fuck you and exactly how the cock feels thrusting in and out of her tight teen pussy. Legendary stuff.

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